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An open letter to every man of mind in the world; scientists,religious leaders, media-controllers,political and social-wizards,on a alternative perspective on human-Nature

Sub: A new insight into human-nature, that would link and explain better, all important socio-political and religious movements in history, such as origin of Nation states,Colonialism,Capitalism, Communism, Islamic terrorism,Boko-haram, Maoism,Naxalism and lastly Hindutva in India.

This write-up tries to show, that Adam-Smith's notion, man was basically 'self-interested' had originated from a false-view on human-nature. Man is not guided by self-interest, but he is simply SELF-ROOTED, a metaphysical or spiritual trait.

Dear all men of mind, Reason, ideas and vision in the world...
( this include opinion leaders, top journalists,think-tanks, top university heads,religious-heads, philosophers and scientists)

What gives a scientific-theory prestige is its universal applicability;ie. if it able to explain every known physical phenomenon in the world, such theory is considered really true.Newton's theories had such universal applicability till the arrival of Quantum-physics.Now quantum-physics has thrown out every established concept and notion about our classical 'objective physical world'. Mankind is at cross-roads today. She struggles to connect all new findings of Quantum Physics with the real world, that once she had explained under classical physics!

This is an attempt to show, that 'SELF-INTEREST' as the root element of human-Nature, first propagated by Adam Smith was like world view of Classical-physics. It is time for us to entertain a new approach towards human Nature, a Quantum theory!

An often quoted passage from Adam Smith's 'The Wealth of Nations' is:
"It is not from the benevolence of the butcher, the brewer, or the baker that we expect our dinner, but from their regard to their own interest. We address ourselves, not to their humanity but to their self-love, and never talk to them of our own necessities but of their advantages."

The NATURAL SELECTION theory of Charles Darwin had fitted well at almost every juncture with Adam Smith's theory of self-interest.Modern world has so far lived comfortably with the above two scientific-findings on human-nature, without any major contradiction so far.

Today we are having our social-quantum movement,with so many explanations pouring-in to explain one of the major issues that modern-world faces- Terrorism; what causes this wide-spread human-behavior? In many cases, terrorist plans are executed by SUICIDE-BOMBERS, wherein the attacker voluntarily die in the impact of the explosion. How would we explain such wide-spread act in the modern world as an act guided by SELF-INTEREST? Except probably with the 'selfish' motive of gaining entry into the PARADISE! This motivational factor is a 'firm belief' that many fanatic-religious believers keep as a mater of deep faith! This will clash with 'self-interest' factor in this world with that of 'benefit' of the act here, with its fruit in the next world!

Logically, such 'self-interest' factor might be valid to explain Islamic Terrorism. But understanding 'self-rooted' Nature of man might explain such extreme behavior of man better---

The chief purpose of this post is aimed at examining the difference between self-interest and self-rootedness, and see its better-applicability and relevance in explaining human-behavior, both individualistic, as well as collective.

Historical factors that helped upholding the individual centrality in human-society, that lead to self-interest theory 

Individual man was never an isolated object and entity till the end of middle-age. Man was merely a cog- in the various collective human-masses till then.Individual's interest or whims were never allowed to over-ride that of the collective.Like animals in herds, human beings were either mass religious-communities,warrior-tribes, agri-communities etc, wherein individual was a close-knit part and parcel of the group.

It is said that, the invention of printing had helped man to ascertain man's  inalienable rights as an individual, against the hegemony of collective-agencies like Church and polity.Teaching of the Church, earlier read and understood only by clergy-men, has now reached each-man in the form of individual-bible in his hand. Man was able to establish his direct relation with God, and this realization and ascertainment of his unique status as a person in the world was that lead LOCKE to establish his theory of inalienable rights of human-person.

We all know that,Locke's ideas and teaching had played a central role in drafting the constitution of America, and the declaration of their independence. American revolution was a real land-mark for establishing individual-rights in modern world. Modern capitalism had originated as its real-world expression or translation of individual-liberty of man. The independence of the entrepreneur represented what America thought, individual-liberty expressed in its fullest sense !

The spirited fathers of American constitution like Jefferson etc.also had important roles in up-holding the new mantra, that every institution and law must stand to protect and safe-guard liberty of man. This was a revolutionary silver-line in the history of man !

Severe lack of foresight with regard to capitalistic-liberty of entrepreneurs vis-a-vis that of 'OTHERS' in society !

Adam Smith said, it is not from the benevolence of the Butcher or the Baker that we have our dinner, but from their propensity of 'self-interest'.That was a very idealistic assessment of human-nature, as well as about inter-personal economic relation. In modern capitalism, the smart-entrepreneur-ship of the butcher always expands his investment world by entering the field of baker too, thus sending him packed-off his business ! Modern entrepreneurs usually are multi-product handlers, butcher,brewer,baker,tiller,banker and many more fields under one umbrella, thus seriously jeopardizing the classical free-market demand-supply balance and natural pricing factors up-side down.He,besides making his empire of multi-products and services, also keeps his interest and influence in the country ruling and law-making realms, thanks to modern democratic govt's compulsion in achieving ECONOMIC-DEVELOPMENT of their respective nations, and their close-dependence upon the entrepreneurs class for achieving the said goal.

Thus the 'invisible-hand' of the free-market mechanism that Adam Smith had envisaged to usher-in welfare and gradual wealth of every member of the society, as real world-experience of many centuries has shown, remained a mirage. In the neo-capitalistic world, the rich turns hugely rich, throwing up-to 99% of population into mere survival level of existence.Wealth and comforts get confined, or ice-balled into the hands of a very small percentage in society. In other words, capitalism has no clear attitude towards others in society,except competition,or altruism, first to let the best to survive, and the second to mercifully let all the defeated and beaten majority to continue existing in society at bare survival level !

Every authentic,real world study of capitalistic world, for eg.the recent Zurich University study, or that conducted by Oxfam, revealed that, more than 55% of world's wealth and resources are in the hands of a mere 70 or 80 business families ! ( much less than 1%)

Capitalism:The world of commodities; Its particular materialistic VALUE that seeped into every aspect of modern world, and KILLED the centrality of individual and all moral values in society

The pattern of human-development that followed the Enlightenment era was crystal clear. There was a spurt of scientific discoveries, such as Steam-Engine, Electricity, telegram, the Railway, Printing... and an unending other life-improving amenities. Using the new steam-ships, discovery of new lands, and their Colonization followed. Raw-materials that flowed from the new lands to the factories in Europe had flooded the market with commodities. These finished products or commodities went back to the new world in abundance,sold there,thus hugely bulging the pockets of the entrepreneurs with never-before seen surplus capital and real,abundant WEALTH! Classical economic theory of diminishing marginal returns ( this is a theory about consumption;with each addition unit of consumption, consumer's degree of satisfaction gets reduced) has only few exceptions; major one is about WEALTH;with every additional adding-up of the unit of wealth, negative of the above theory happens- - -instead of satisfaction getting reduced, it gets enhanced with every unit of additional unit !Yes; WEALTH never tires man, or reduce his degree of satisfaction. It goes on increasing ever, with every unit of addition.

Thus, producing more and more, and reaping more and more profit has become a sanctified affair for the class of entrepreneurs, and modern world has turned around to accommodate the above thought line,culture and norms. Anything that does not produce some gain or profit was looked-down-upon, with despise and contempt. Thus pure-knowledge for its-own sake, local cultures,art,religious traditions etc.had to accept low-key status, and considered worth-less activities. ( Please share our blog that handles the said assault of capitalistic world view on modern world at link:

For them, world itself has turned a commodity, or an avenue for selling more and more,and reaping more and more economic success and profit. The new democratic-political form of government added to this obsession. As once mentioned above, these new political creatures were obsessed with bringing DEVELOPMENT of the same sort that these newly wealthy entrepreneur class had introduced into the new world. They had high-rise mansions, exotic locomotives for travel,instant communication gadgets like phones, new ways of clothing,foot-wear and new style of behavior. It is heard that, many a British Nobles were willing to exchange their knight-hoods etc in exchange of the exotic-items the new entrepreneur class brought from the exotic-lands !

Artisans and small-time traders in Europe were wooed into the factories as WORKERS, as there was a huge shortage of them at the manufacturing centers.The entire world has become a work-place sooner or later and majority of population a work-force. Latest statistics from India shows that almost 51% of rural population ( almost 71 % of total population lives in rural areas) are manual laborers ! Individual liberty when allowed to flourish in the capitalistic model of societies, the 1% most successful will need majority of OTHERS as accessories and ancillaries in the production distribution system for surplus capital to accumulate, and for the wealth of nations to turn a reality !

While the self-interest of the entrepreneur gave him immense individual liberty with their role as providers of jobs,commodities and development, the rest of the population had to sacrifice it for earning their livelihood.Whether modern world and its masters agree or not, real liberty has got very narrowly limited to those who held wealth or some share in political power !

Though a remarkable revolution had emerged in the world in the name of communism, in retaliation against the exploitation of man and his liberty this way, it did not result in emancipation of man; it offered only yoke of a different kind on the shoulders of man, that of the tyranny of the communist party-leadership.World had no model of governance known, except the RIGHTIST model,wherein the powerful naturally hold power over the weak and unprivileged. 

It was indeed a sad and unfortunate twist in the history of human-liberty and individual sovereignty;a great and unique ideal that reiterated and upheld rights and liberty of man had degenerated into an economic and political institutions that had no VALUE, or UTILITY for it ! Thus, once again, mankind got drowned into middle-age's Feudalism like socio-political system. Individual and his identity and dignity stood extremely vulnerable to gross despise, abuse and even frequent violation !  

It was caused by the great error of attributing self-interest as the natural motivational energy of man !
Man  indeed is a Sovereign SELF obviously in nature,but was it right to interpret it as SELF-INTEREST ? Or was it better to understand it as SELF-ROOTED-NESS, in a deeper metaphysical meaning and sense ?This is the core theme of this discussion.

Difference between self-interested and self-rooted

While self-interest denote a central, physical-object like property of man, say, gravity, self-rooted denotes his metaphysical character, or connection.It is simple;man for science, is a certain manifestation of matter, sharing its self-preservation traits. He is guided by self-preserving, energy-saving and information processing faculties, so that he sustain here on planet-earth. This approach is mechanical and even mathematical.He is just another object among millions of other physical objects and phenomena in the world.

This writer realizes the difficulty for the average Scientific tempered modern man to accept, or even remotely consider propositions indicating a spiritual dimension of man, because word 'SPIRITUAL' bears a certain stigma attached to objective,empirical science. If men of science abandon this stigma and root prejudice, and look at spiritual-dimension with a true-scientific eye, or with a true-scientific-spirit ruled detachment,a great war would be won !

Science must realize that there are vast realms of study and great gaps between science and the typical God realm of religions. This realm is the yet unexplored, untouched, meta-quantum realm. Should man go on entangling further and further at the mysteries and chaos of quantum-realm ? Shouldn't she start afresh from considering man or life as the end product of existence, and treat physical realm merely as its structure-material ?

If such a great-paradigm shift is initiated by science and mankind, looking at the self-rooted-ness of man,separated from the present dogma of self-interest would become easier. Each man is connected with his existential essence or root,whatever it might be,directly.He is an OBJECT, an external-phenomenon, only in the eyes of the third-party beholders.He is ruled and directed, and his behavior controlled by Newtons's laws like existential DRIVES. Following link has a write-up, listing some of these very distinct drives that no open mind could refute their presence within:

Power states and science were always such institutions that preferred to look at man from outside, as an object among other objects in the world. Science and politics were institutions made by, and for nature and human-masses controlling and manipulating agencies. They were never made by concerned,genuine individuals for their own sake and intellectual-enlightenment.So, the pathetically SUBJECTIVE man unfortunately turned 'objective' in his out-look about himself, a shut-door phenomenon for ever !

The phenomenon of getting possessed by some or other SPIRIT of the world 

He would get into the mold of a mass-creatures, ie. one who goes with the crowd for considerable periods of time, but nature can not hold-back him from ascertaining his metaphysical self-rooted-ness, status and reality in existence for ever ! Many a times, individuals might go almost NEUROTIC, by allowing themselves to get 'possessed' by the SPIRIT of many collective identities, such as a frenzied gang of communal or racial haters and killers, piece in a violent mob often inspired by a Leader figure for unleashing atrocities on opposite party-men, or the real-time example of  Jihadists, inspired by ISIS propaganda ! This is a typical transformation of the EGO self-identity of man; he will have to identity himself with some or other 'spirit' of the world around, depending upon one's birth,education&learning, his immediate community etc. Interested among you may learn more on this phenomenon from dedicated study on this,at link:

Explanation on 'self-rooted' nature of man continued....

The many revolutions, excessively bloody at times in history, that had seen world steadily getting-out of her socially and politically EXCLUSIVE ways to more and more open and socially and politically INCLUSIVE ways are plain,hard evidences of what has been proposed above. Individuals and societies could be temporarily held captives, controlled and suppressed for some time, but NOT for ever. His roots deeply extending to the not yet fully known metaphysical, or meta-quantum nature and destiny is a self-evident and plain reality, as American founding fathers had very rightly scripted in their constitution document.

If man was simply self-interest driven, he would never have gotten free from his animal stage of life, because, self-interest nature of man had NOT began from the time of Adam-Smith.He simply imposed such an attribute upon man, to explain certain economic behavior of him during the initial stages of man's entry into commerce as a full-time engagement, at least that of certain class of them.We have seen in one of the above paragraphs what is the state-of affairs of the free-enterprise dilemma; one multinational corporate can act as both a giant tiller,baker,brewer and butcher in the name of self-interest, and swallow the entire mankind, its institutions and governments, and also the whole planet Earth !. The 'invisible hand'  that Adam Smith envisioned in the self-interest-ridden Capitalist system, that he had thought would correct the over accumulation of wealth into fewer hands naturally,and ensure even distribution (egalitarian) of life-amenities,social relevance in human-society HAVE NOT SEEN HAPPENING during the more than two centuries of its reign !

Therefore, one is compelled to conclude that, self-interest in the sense Adam Smith had meant was NOT the natural propensity of man that would ensure smooth sustainability of human-societies.

The very SELF of man, in its very ontic-entity as a being, plainly derives from his perceiving himself as a REALITY before his fellow-beings around him; readers are invited to share its astonishing details at:

Above arrangement is essentially similar to the inevitability of a 'civil-society' for upholding concepts like 'human-liberty' and freedom; such rights and status become real-world,effective realities apropos a mutually constituted civil-arrangement and mutually-consented agreement. An independent jungle-man could only assert and gain this rights by physically defeating all others.Similarly, for the ontic-visibility and tangibility of one's very SELF, man NEED SOME-OTHER, to bestow it to him under existential laws or scheme,as it was made clear at the above referred link.It was about this NEED to PROBE INTO THE ENERGY SYSTEM of nature that makes SELF and WORLD that we had appealed to SCIENCE in the middle-part of this paper; she need to abandon all her prejudices,pre-notions and stigmas about God and religion to lay hands on the treasure of knowledge around such themes.

Man is a unique DOOR, or an aperture for nature to reveal herself. So, she opted to evolve him SELF-ROOTED, and NOT self-interested ! We would invite serious and committed readers to read-through our dedicated write-up at:

He,by nature,destined to use his sense of Reason himself,independently gather data and knowledge about external world as well as his spiritual roots and then define his SELF in a sovereign act.When this spiritual nature stands restricted and disturbed for longer periods, nature gets restless, and then individuals and groups turn tools in her hands to crush the existing social-system and restore atmosphere for further free-development of above natural human-spirit !

No man can endure living perpetually in a crowd,without no option for some solitary moments every-day or at least in a week available to spend with himself. He definitely has two distinct nature, individual and collective. Without a healthy balance of of the two, his life gets non-aligned, disturbed and unstable like a free-radical in the sub-atomic world. 

Our system of present collective,( polity and political economy) though was exclusively devised and meant to safe-guard this sovereignty of the INDIVIDUAL, had severely degenerated around its primary motive. The system had turned owners,masters and wholesale-dealers of human-rights,dignity and liberty,where citizens were required to plea for their rights,virtually by evoking MERCY many a times ! State institutions had turned mightily powerful, equipped with the tool of discrimination in their hands, both for civil as well as economic privileges.

With our above knowledge about man's self-rooted nature, how could we link and explain major world events listed at the subject column ?   

What we could observe throughout in history is a pattern of rising-up, of a person or a community/group against large-scale homogeneity imposed on people, always followed by suppression of individual creativity and distinctiveness. Nation states originated when the hegemony of Church had become unbearable for many sovereignty loving young Royalists. The new class of entrepreneurs assisted them in building-up their States,thus posing serious threat to Feudalism, as well as authority of Church. It was a virtual collapse of the old order, and the beginning of  a new one. Cases of Frederick the great of Prussia and Henry-V11 of England are always cited as best examples of this phenomenon.

European Colonization was a mix of many motivations. The unprecedented spurt of human-creativity,adventurism and liberty of mind that had resulted after the collapse of the Church was one of the chief-cause.We know that many of the early settlers in America  were victims of religious persecution in Europe !

The point we try to highlight here is the irrepressible spirit of freedom of human-individual.No quantum of materialistic prosperity can stop this existential urge of man.

Capitalism was the real exalted celebration of the free-human spirit !That very special age of unprecedented human-freedom and the rise of human-spirit ( Enlightenment era) saw to it that,nothing should stop the human-free spirit ! Entrepreneurs were given all the support and encouragement to flourish their businesses, and share their fruit of success with others, in the form of overall development of human-status on earth; broad-roads,railways,grand-ships,air-crafts,computers,sky-scrappers and telephones - -all made possible by the surplus wealth produced by this class !

As we found as usual in history, capitalism too produced great discontentment in society. While one section in society enjoyed major fruits of capitalism, one of its chief resources or components- the labor class - started feeling restlessness.The toil in the factories, its heat and smoke, the life of workers in ghettos, the great inequality in the life-situations and social-relevance of the working class; all these factors constituted to create one of the great divide in human-society, ie. that between the haves and have-notes, or the right and the left.

As on today, the winner is the Rightists block, as Russia conceded defeat after the end of the historic Cold-war. China too conceded ideological defeat by adopting capitalistic ways of production and distribution.The chief reason for the defeat of the Left ( Communism)  was that, the Left had no alternative management and value system other than that of the Capitalist block, to run the factories and also their nations ! The life of common citizens in Communist society was worse than that at the other-side.

Though communism stands failed as an alternative out-look on life and societies,it is evident that, it was originated as a reaction to the evils of Capitalism.

Now, before taking-up its role behind the current central issue of modern-world, Islamic Terrorism,let us have a look the capitalistic-special values that spread all over the world,shrinking space for every other religions,cultural,world and life views.

The VALUE system that capitalistic-world has propagated 

Capitalism had brought to the world, in addition to the gross inequalities referred in few of the above paragraphs, few very particular values too; that of consumerism,the use and throw tradition, naked exploitation of nature,markets,communities, traditional moral-values, old-believes and traditions and whatever stood in the way of unbridled market expansion of neo-products and services.Capitalistic world wanted to convert the entire world into a one large-valley of consumers and buyers ! They smartly and even clandestinely worked for destroying old traditions and beliefs that prevented men and women from turning blind consumers of modern-world's trade-mark life-style products and culture. They wanted to convert all the nations and its people into one single religion, the religion of mass-consumerism. Life has no meaning but to live it out! One of our blogs specifically delve deeply into this VALUE aspect of capitalistic world:

The consumption of these products and services often required drastic alterations to old belief systems and cultural practices. For example, if men and women of a particular country or culture stick on to wearing traditional attires, or certain-food-habits, for the capitalist-producers, they are unconquered regions !

Many old colonies of Europe had succumbed,and tuned almost Western in culture. Or in other words, typical consumers and buyers of latest communication,food,entertainment products and gadgets, or as work-force in the many factories these multi-national corporate-houses opened in each such country. Each of these nations wanted to become like the Europeans, their one time masters, not only in life-style, but also in speaking their language and adopting their culture. This culture inspires men to unabashedly go for life in all its possibilities and potentials,with least inhibitions or baggage about any culture,religion,moral or principle.

This new capitalist culture asked people to adopt a new religion; that of PLURALISM and MULTICULTURALISM. This is an approach devoid of any one path of truth,but just consume and end life in violently relishing the needs of the body to the maximum. Danger of this modern religion ( pluralism and multiculturalism) is described at link:

Authored by; Abraham J. Palakudy
An independent Philosophy,mind and polity researcher and seeker.
Comments welcome to :,

Twitter: Voice of Philosophy@jopan1

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Our communication with 'Associated-Press', (AP) USA

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Is the subject of media's role in the world dogmatic, unquestionable and un-alterable ?

To: ( Associated Press, pioneer Media institution in the world)


". . . .it can maintain its single-minded focus on news-gathering and its commitment to the highest standards of objective, accurate journalism.
AP’s commitment to independent, comprehensive journalism has deep roots. Founded in 1846, AP has covered all the major news events of the past 165 years, providing high-quality, informed reporting of everything from wars and election"
Above text was copy-pasted from your 'about us' portion of web-site. 
We are a non-profit, concentrating on philosophical fundamentals of existing institutions, checking the contrast between their 'possible' and actual goals. We observe that, when Media stand tall as the all defining and all-expressing medium in modern-world, other institutions, traditions, meanings and norms turn largely depended upon them, for CHANGE, RE-DEFINITIONS, and RE-INVENTING. 
Truth and reality are what stand expressed, and the way they stand expressed. So, media being the singular medium in modern world that 'express' her, it define, give color and shape to the world !
Kant was very specific on the two world theory; the phenomenon, and that of NOUMENON. Phenomena, the world of senses, always depended on some or other stand point. So, Media being the exclusive agent of expressing the world, her ‘stand-point’ is extremely relevant to giving color and shape to world ! When she is obsessed with projecting the world 'objectively' a very subjective act as she only have the exclusive freedom to chose what should be expressed as 'objective' news/truth, a lot of 'subjectivity' crops into the act, even without her knowledge or intention.
We realize that what we have touched above  is a very complex theme, and an institution (media) that exists in the world for few centuries, may not be able to re-check and re-contemplate on such base fundamentals at this late stage. But remember, institutions and practices could be termed evil at any stage; take the example of European and US ‘SLAVERY’. 
So, this humble communication  is intended to knock at your supposedly OPEN disposition, to delve upon our dedicated blog-posts on the 'dire need of having a REINVENTED MEDIA' in contemporary world. The links of the said blogs are:
We are a philosophical entity and initiative, so what we have communicated might be odd and not akin to the norms of the day ! But, hope you would call your minds and have a brain-storm session, so that, future of mankind get a REINVENTED media 1
warm regards,
Abraham Joseph 
Ps: November 2015: AP have not even acknowledged our above communication; no media person, or association ever rely or respond to communication from common-man, a clear sign of their lack of minimum social courtesy !


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Our communication with Dr.Amartya Sen

Sub: Your famous theme of 'social choice' 

Respected Dr.Amartya Sen, 

Warm Greetings from a freelance Philosophic researcher from Delhi. I am part of a philosophic non-profit called 'conscience of the society' that keep its central CAUSE , ' A REINVENTED DEMOCRACY'. 

Besides the above cause, I personally was into a singular mission from my youthful years; an inquiry into the epistemological root of  ' human reason'. I, having been accepted the call of philosophy and thoughts in my life from childhood, was most baffled about how man fixes exactness of his knowledge. This question always ended up in and around man's faculty of reason ! What is this faculty ? I set-out to inquire.

After spending almost 3-4 decades on this problem, finally I have come out with the finding that faculty of reason can not be anything but man's INTERNAL SENSE ORGAN OF 'ORDER', an existential category similar to that of sight, sound and taste.  I compiled my findings in the shape of a paper, and sent to multiples of world universities, philosophical councils and professional journals, but without any result. I finally self-published this theme with, titled 'Is reason a sense organ? A super-mind above the known mind ? ' ( This book is Google/ searchable by the title) 

In the meantime, my paper titled ' IS MODERN DEMOCRACY A FAKE COIN'? ' was accepted by the 'International society for universal dialogue' ( based in Athens, Greece during June last year, and they invited to present my paper at their 9th Congress held at Olympia. The theme of the Congress was' Democracy; historical reflections and modern Transformations'. This acceptance of my thought and ideas enhanced my confidence substantially. I published my book with the same title at ( title is Google/Amazon searchable) 

It is with this fragile confidence that I write this humble note to one of the most eminent minds of the age, in the field of thought, economics and polity ! 

Defining correct relation between the establishment of EQUAL MEN with its people is more primary than discussing 'social choice'

The chief purpose of this communication is to bring it into your kind notice that the very role of political establishment in modern democratic set-up is not yet defined properly, and then how can enlightened men like you and me jump to the subsequent issue of their  'social choices' ?  How can enlightened men leave such more central and primary issues such as the very identity of citizens under  governmental system of EQUAL MEN , and attend to subsidiary issues ? 

 I refer to the NOT yet fully defined role and relation of the democratic establishment and its rulers with its citizens. In democracy, people are  NOT 'subjects' like they were  in the old regimes,  but the ruler and the ruled here are at EQUAL footing !  The estates of the ruler and the ruled are but one here. 

Kings ruled on earth evoking their divine rights. When the American revolutionists opted to experiment with the old Greek system of democracy in their new land, though the great minds behind the effort cared almost everything to prevent the governmental system of people NOT to hinder the rights and liberty of citizens in the state, they had no fresh, new model of an establishment of EQUAL PEOPLE ready to adopt for their government of the people. Hence, the same old model of the POWER-STATE was adopted for the peoples own system of government too, which was a grave historical and ideological lapse !. Today, these rulers have no other model but to act and behave like their predecessors, as well as adopt the same VALUES towards the people as that of  their predecessors !

Concept of 'social-choice' presupposes an establishment that represents the collective sense of reason and wisdom of the people. Sad fact is that such a realm of collective is absent today due the presence of POLITICAL COMPULSIONS of the peoples governments, hence matters of SOCIAL CHOICE are determined by forces, energies, priorities and relevance far remote and unrelated to the plain and rational concern of social choices of a rational collective social authority ! 

As phenomenon of POLITICS is what controls modern democracies, and politics being  an art, and even a science of grabbing control over the POWER-STATES, social choices are determined by selfish agenda of political parties and its leader figures. These professional players are guided by primeval motives and energies that had been controlling the social choices of older regimes. People were merely 'state material' for the older regimes, wherein state was more central than its men. Modern democratic regimes also are  NOT different from those old regimes in those motives, and in the basic spirit of the 'ruler' and the 'ruled'.  Hence, tenets of SOCIAL CHOICES should not at all have been a major theme of study and research undertaken by the bests minds on the planet !

If I am right in my understanding of your Nobel prized paper on social choice, it was a well meant CRITIQUE about  Dr.Kenneth Arrow's theory of impossibility, a theory that said NO rational and mathematically correct conclusions could ever be arrived at, as to what a population as  a whole would want from the state. Hence, a rational 'social choice' is impossible. 

You have argued in your paper that ' Arrow's powerful impossible theory invites 'engagement', rather than resignation'. The examples you have cited to show the inadequacy of typical social research to measure poverty merely on the basic of income level was brilliant; a person may have higher income, but if he has a family member with Kidney failure, and under expensive dialysis, he may be more deprived than the poorest of poor in the community by all standards ! 

Your example for showing the falsehood of 'reported state of deprivation' was also brilliant; you wrote : ' the socially cultivated sense of contentment and serenity may even affect the perception of morbidity and illness' quoted the example of Kerala, where people are more educated, and aware of a better degree of health and morbidity standards. 

Modern democratic establishments does NOT represent the sacred, rational realm of the collective of man 

But, as I have attempted to convey above, the very issue of 'social choice' becomes null and void when there exists NO rational body of the collective of man today,  who could take up social choice issue in its genuine, rational sense and meaning. The 'realm of the 'collective of man' today stands abducted by professional groups and men, whose political interests, priorities and goals are what determine their 'social choice' task, than any social welfare, or human development oriented agenda. Hence, urgent attention of men like you who are engaged into such genuinely non-existing sub-realms of socio-economic-political reality should shift their attention towards the more primary issues of fixing the very realm of collective of man into a really rational, genuinely democratic and humane body. This is the crux of what I am trying to convey to you.

Prof.Christopher Vasillopulos ( Easter Connecticut State University, deptt. of history,philosophy and political science) wonders in his key note address during the's 9th Congress at Olympia: 'Canpolis-animals exist in the power-states? . . .Can the nation-state subordinate its concerns of national security, and its instruments of wealth, power, coercion, indiscriminate violence, and aggressive war, and become instead become an arena for the promotion of friendship and happiness ?'

Though we have such genuine anguish from the part of many eminent men today, our age is generally ignorant of the real danger the near anarchic 'realm of collective' that poses to the future  of human societies.  Prof. Christopher's concluding remark is apt to describe this situation: ' To date, however, the ability, or even he desire to restrain the power-state has not been sufficiently general to give our ruling elites pause'. 

This realm of collective is what controls, determines, and influences all other realms of man's life. When this all controlling realm is left to the whims and fancies of unscrupulous men and groups, and this danger is NOT in the general awareness of the mainstream reason or intelligence of mankind, how can we the men of mind and light remain mute witnesses ? 

Now the threat of world going back to the old type of regimes of Kings and his likes is remote. The threat is that of the collective realm of man being captured by tyrants and autocrats in the name of DEMOCRACY. As you would agree, present  rogue regimes like  Pakistan, North Korea etc are also claiming themselves as DEMOCRATIC !Hence, there is an urgent need for the  influx of new myths, new values and new definitions for modern age's man's realm of collective. 

This communication is specifically to appeal to you, one of the few personalities  who could grew to the level of a human institution and stature, with a ready and willing audience in the world to listen to you , and take note of what you say and express, to hint to the world about the above grave danger of the world that we live in ! A thousand books that people like us write and publish won't get the relevance of  what you say in the public sphere !  

Besides you, there are also few other men and groups who are equally potential in deviating the age's attention to its great vacuums; like Dr. Noam Chomsky, the Elders Community ( a forum of such eminent people like Arch-Bishop Tuto, Jimmy Carter, Kofi Annan, Ela Bhatt etc.) My specific appeal to you is to share the above concern with those above referred, and discuss remedies. It would be the most rational action that would go a long way in changing the world for better, from your part !

I attempted to convey to the Elders community  the dire need of reinventing democracy so that lives of men could be reinvented on the planet. They wrote back with a statement from Jimmy Carter; ' "Where we feel a vacuum in the world, where there's a need that can be filled by us uniquely, that's when we decide to take on an issue." 

I replied them that there won't be any greater vacuum than the present vacuum of a genuinely sacred, rational realm of the collective of man today, to lead mankind into universal peace and happiness !

The general impression of openness and transparency in the world artificially created by media 

The 24x7 stories and debates at the public sphere through tv and news papers about our democratic political realm has succeeded in creating a general sense of openness and transparency about the current state of goings in the world. But is so smartly hidden that, only the ones in political and corporate power are aware of the real energies that in work in modern world, and its directions. To illustrate the veracity of this claim needs much more larger a platform and context than this brief e-mail interaction. I request you to share the said theme at my blog posts, from links:

 The most vicious aspect of modern world in all respect is the existence of the institution of modern media, with their sole professional job of making interesting STORIES out of everything that happens in the world ! When men and events are reduced to mere news-worthy stories and features, just for the sake of it, unmindful of the necessity of leading mankind into sane and sober intellectual directions, the story of wilderness of the age becomes complete ! This exercise is handled by ordinary journalism graduates with inadequate historical, intellectual or moral knowledge about the world, mankind's civilizational needs, or the danger of creating such a synthetic world for peoples consumption. 

So, it is crucial that men like you intervene with your God given special status in the world, by hinting at the need of creative ideas for our 'realm of collective' of man. A mere hint would serve the purpose of a trigger; men of mind and thoughts would pick-up the tip, and start thinking on the need. 

Reason has two distinct functions; 
1) Its mechanical function of assessing through the existing premises, evidences in-front of it, and arriving at conclusions and inferences 
2) The more creative, SPECTRUM function; ie. reason's ability to give out new avenues, possibilities, sub-ideas of every ray of the chosen subject. It is a function yet unknown to mankind, though man was using it for centuries together. This special faculty of REASON was instrumental for all the inventions, creative ideas, and origin of new institutions in the world, that man had wrongly attributed to his intellectual power. 

This SPECTRUM faculty of man's reason, when applied to human existence in general, its bottom most tenets and paradigms would be reveled to enlightened minds. From this point, master premises emerge, or even could be formed as to what human societies need for its sustainable development and overall happiness and prosperity in the world. All his sub-strata of existence, like that of his political, educational, economic, social etc. realms should necessarily be ensured its logical compatibility with the earlier shown MASTER PREMISES, tenets and paradigms. Stand-alone political, social, economic ideas that can not linked with the base master-premises should never be allowed to apply, or spread in societies. Such a strict intellectual, social, political and economic base notion would prevent holocaust like ideas from emerging in the world as stand alone ideas ! Bases upon such master-premises for mankind and human civilization, threat of future world wars also could be contained and restricted, with ,massive, one voice public opinion. People like you must enact your historical role in the mainstream, by introducing these MASTER premises, and enlighten the world as a whole. 

Voices of isolated individuals like me is often treated as 'freak' voices, whereas when the same thing when emerges from the mouth of people like you, it gains sudden global relevance ! 

If you are unclear as to what I have attempted to convey in this communication, kindly respond to me, so that I could continue explaining to any extent.

I apologize for sending you such a long, unsought mail, but such subjects has no other route to communicate ! What this communication handles is mankind's future. 

I have a blog post that attempts to explain the concept of man's 'sacred realm of collective' that democratic establishments must be representing to its people, at link:

With all respects and high regards, 

( We neither received any reply, not even an acknowledgement from Dr. Sen)

Sent during 2014


Saturday, June 6, 2015

Does the spirit of Magna-carta alive today in the desired form and degree?

Our communication with the Sr.Journalist Sh. Prasannan at 'THE WEEK' magazine, June 7th issue 
( Magazine link:

Subject: Prasannan's cover story ' A chartered flight to liberty' , June 7th,2015 issue :

 Does the spirit of Magna-Carta alive today in the desired form and degree?

From: "Abraham Joseph"<> Sun, 31 May '15 12:21a

To: ""<> and others

Dear Prasannan,

Warm greetings from 'conscience of the society', the non-profit initiative at NCR,
( National capital region of Delhi) that stands for philosophical research into freedom, reason, mind and polity !

Appreciate you for bringing out this important and very relevant cover-story on Magna-Carta treaty, the first document in human-history that introduced the concept of Freedom, outside the Royal family. Your story was so exhaustive, that it read more like an extended history of Great Britain.

Though it seems your intention behind writing the said cover story was to highlight the 800th anniversary of the great Treaty, and its role as a great base for many of the important documents on freedom in the world like constitutions of many nations, including that of India, it naturally and automatically brought-out some very central facts about the eternal plight of man for genuine human-freedom !

It brought-out a fact that ( though indirectly) freedom and rights are very fragile propositions when Power
( Royal or otherwise) is present as an over-riding influence. ' Trial by law' and similar prescribed formalities remain mere rituals when Power is present in the scene as a real, all overriding force !

In one of the most interesting incidents in your story, wherein Edward-11 was killed by his wife Isabella by inserting a red-hot poker into his anus, a 'trial of law' had also took place !

Edward-111 also killed his mother's lover, of course after a similar ritual of a 'fair-trial' !

Then your story confirms that, though the Tudor King-Henry-X111 did not ever listen to parliament, the parliament ' did not dare to question him'! Means, when Power is present, tenets of rights and freedom stand null and void, or melt !

The heroic story of Sir Thomas More also was same. Even at death, he could only recite the tenets of freedom and rights, but they could never save his freedom, or life !

During Charles-1's time, both the parliament and the King had to take arms to settle the question of Freedom and rights ! Both the groups evoked the name of 'parliament' while fighting for supremacy ! It should remind us the trend of present day, wherein every political party, and even totalitarian regimes like in Communist China evoke 'PEOPLES' name when indulging in power-wars to capture the thrones, or for unleashing oppressive acts upon real people ! Peoples’ name or brand is falsely taken to avail power in their name, but to use it against him in actual act of governance ! It is the greatest fraud and self-deception of our times !

Your story clearly teaches readers another silent lesson: rights and freedom act like dew when Political or other power is present. Rights and freedom turns REAL for people, only as a 'mercy', or as chance 'weakness', or chance sense of MORALITY possessed by some ‘chance’ RULERS, at chance periods in the history of nations!

In real and concrete sense, rights and freedom are still NOT different from that in those antique days of Kings and autocrats, because, even today in modern democracies like in India, rights and freedom of common-citizens has to seep through with great-difficulty, the corridors of POWER that still remain as the chief fuel of modern DEMOCRACY !

It will always remain my luck ( the citizen’s luck) if I escape an encounter with Police during my life time, similar to my luck of not turning a direct victim of the POWER-tactics of a tax official ! If I remain a rights- activist, or a Muslim, or a Maoist ideologue, chances of such LUCK will turn half or even zero !. See the struggle for rights and freedom undertaken by Irom Sharmila of Manipur, since 2000 ,for the abolishment of the AFSPA ? ( Armed Forces Special Power Act ) She had to abandon her normal life under our welfare state, as she had to remain under home-arrest and forced nasal feeding ever-since she had started her protest !

Where is the relevance of Magna-Carta or its influence in the modern world ? If you caught talking against any reputed leader, whether it is Jayalalitha in the Southern state of Tamil Nadu where citizens treat her as semi-God, or Modi in Delhi, their cronies and devotes will see to it that you will get behind the bars for sure !

You mentioned in your story that, Coke was able to ' stir the minds of people' through his writings in 1634 , when newspapers were absent. Today, there is 24x7 printed and electronic media outlets are there to STIR the minds, but do our media STIR, or even remind people about the above calamity of FREEDOM and RIGHTS getting melted and VANISHED in the presence of Political-Power ?

They (The media) have turned partners in the business of power, with the assigned task of 'manufacturing consent", as clearly explained in our blog:

Dear Prasannan, I politely appeal to you to utilize the convenient means already available at your disposal ( this magazine column) to write more and more, and again and again on the evil of keeping POWER as the fuel for running govts of EQUAL -MEN ! If mankind get-rid of the necessity of POWER as the fuel of RULING over people, which is the prime cause of all human violence as described at our blog:, world could achieve a PARADIGM-shift in her intellectual, social and even spiritual direction !

Could we ever think of allowing people to enter inside the shops to pick-up their merchandise and pay later at counter till a few years ago ? See, how naturally people could adapt to FREEDOM, and behave responsibly in our uncountable Malls these days ? Think of the days wherein to meet the urgency of even for Rs.100/ -we had to approach the instant gold-loan companies a few years ago, before Credit cards have become popular. Credit cards were a similar revolution in 'believing' in the responsibility and sense of dignity of men; now, people responsibly avail such credit, and repay with equal sense of responsibility !

With govts. not infected with the mythical political Power urge, one day, similar citizen responsibility could be expected and envisioned ! Please see our blog, what should a true democracy represent to people, at link:

Prasannan, kindly plan a cover story on FREEDOM of citizen vis-a-vis Governmental-power soon !

warm regards,

Abraham Joseph

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A new world-order: Our communication on the subject with opinion-leaders

Previous messageOur e.mail to Mr. C. Raja Mohan, Eminent scholar, and a distinguished Fellow at Observer Research Foundation, ( ORF) a prestigious think-tank

Ref. Your article in Indian Express today, ' Beyond the boundary'

To: Cc: center for policy research, ashok malik,

Sub: What most effectively Modi and his govt. could have represented India to the world ? 

Dear Raja Mohan, 

Please accept warm Greetings from 'conscience of the society', an independent philosophy and polity research (non-profit) initiative at NCR! 

We maintain a website, as well as a blog site, from where you could learn more about us. The links, ( web-site) and ( our blogger-page)

Your above referred article seems appreciative of Modi's representing India to the world as 'leading power', deviating from her previous 'non-alignment-trap'. This is to share our bit philosophic view that, in these times of world getting increasingly apprehensive of the post-enlightenment, industry centered 'development' agenda of governments, and its almost reached saturation point, India's late attempt to project her as the new champion of such a dying out-look, does not deserve any acclamation and applause. 

The deteriorating economic and socio-political status of European and US governments is prime-evidence of the saturation of the old libertarian outlook on human progress. You know with what effort US government has been trying to suppress the 'occupy wall-street' and similar agitations of general public from going wild and uncontrollable. 

World really deserve a new philosophy of human-development, wherein wealth and resources does not increasingly result in the accumulation in fewer and fewer hands, as recent authentic studies such that of Oxfam and Zurich University  have proven. ( these studies showed, more than 55% of world's entire wealth and resources are in the pockets of less than 1% elite men, families and corporate empires !) 

I appeal to you to share our dedicated to the subject blogs, at links:

In such a scenario, an Indian leader, with a strong Hindu philosophy and teaching back-ground, could have stood for a different world view, different from that of the tried and not-succeeded model of 'development' of nations and economies. He is said to be a declared disciple of Swami Vivekananda, hence he could have proudly and strategically advocated for development of mankind in altered ways and means, thus giving modern world an altogether different direction !

Hindu philosophy, though his political party has caused irrepairable damage to its ancient and unique teachings, could have been revived under his genuine affinity towards the great religion. 
The most conspicuous feature of Hinduism is its advocating the advantage of selflessness, or no-self. Sense of self is 'maya', as per basic tenet of Hinduism. The very basic tenet of Hinduism is renouncement of self, something gravely opposite to the libertarian philosophy of 'development' through minding for 'self-interest'. This European post-enlightenment age world-view give all centrality to supporting the creative entrepreneural energies of the individual, and celebrating individual success. 

I leave this deeply philosophical subject to a detailed scholastic seminar at your parent organization -ORF, wherein I was fortunate to attend a round-table conference recently on 'rural inequality and role of government'.  

I opt to refer to another blog-post of us that deals with the possibility of modern world looking for other options of human-development, based on alternative philosophies from non-Western sources, at link:

It is sad to notice that, eminent men of mind like you and many others have more or less turned expert commentators and opinion leaders on the existing socio-political system and order, wherein mankind's future tend to get stagnated for want of new ideas and new directions for a better-world. When dedicated institutions in the contemporary world with traditional role for guiding mankind towards better-future, like media, universities and human-rights organizations have got degenerated as mere wings and instruments of the establishments themselves, the only HOPE for future is your class of men ! 

Kindly treat this communication in its right-spirit, as attempt of mind-exchange between well concerned human-beings !

warm regards,

Abraham J. Palakudy An independent Philosophy, mind, and polity research ( non-profit) initiative
contact us at :