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A new world-order: Our communication on the subject with opinion-leaders

Previous messageOur e.mail to Mr. C. Raja Mohan, Eminent scholar, and a distinguished Fellow at Observer Research Foundation, ( ORF) a prestigious think-tank

Ref. Your article in Indian Express today, ' Beyond the boundary'

To: crmohan@orfonline.org Cc: center for policy research, ashok malik, sriramanujamissiontrust@gmail.com

Sub: What most effectively Modi and his govt. could have represented India to the world ? 

Dear Raja Mohan, 

Please accept warm Greetings from 'conscience of the society', an independent philosophy and polity research (non-profit) initiative at NCR! 

We maintain a website, as well as a blog site, from where you could learn more about us. The links are:www.conscienceofthesociety.com, ( web-site) and https://www.blogger.com/profile/14249415589712707293 ( our blogger-page)

Your above referred article seems appreciative of Modi's representing India to the world as 'leading power', deviating from her previous 'non-alignment-trap'. This is to share our bit philosophic view that, in these times of world getting increasingly apprehensive of the post-enlightenment, industry centered 'development' agenda of governments, and its almost reached saturation point, India's late attempt to project her as the new champion of such a dying out-look, does not deserve any acclamation and applause. 

The deteriorating economic and socio-political status of European and US governments is prime-evidence of the saturation of the old libertarian outlook on human progress. You know with what effort US government has been trying to suppress the 'occupy wall-street' and similar agitations of general public from going wild and uncontrollable. 

World really deserve a new philosophy of human-development, wherein wealth and resources does not increasingly result in the accumulation in fewer and fewer hands, as recent authentic studies such that of Oxfam and Zurich University  have proven. ( these studies showed, more than 55% of world's entire wealth and resources are in the pockets of less than 1% elite men, families and corporate empires !) 

I appeal to you to share our dedicated to the subject blogs, at links: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/20141206035825-97217672-freedom-and-free-

In such a scenario, an Indian leader, with a strong Hindu philosophy and teaching back-ground, could have stood for a different world view, different from that of the tried and not-succeeded model of 'development' of nations and economies. He is said to be a declared disciple of Swami Vivekananda, hence he could have proudly and strategically advocated for development of mankind in altered ways and means, thus giving modern world an altogether different direction !

Hindu philosophy, though his political party has caused irrepairable damage to its ancient and unique teachings, could have been revived under his genuine affinity towards the great religion. 
The most conspicuous feature of Hinduism is its advocating the advantage of selflessness, or no-self. Sense of self is 'maya', as per basic tenet of Hinduism. The very basic tenet of Hinduism is renouncement of self, something gravely opposite to the libertarian philosophy of 'development' through minding for 'self-interest'. This European post-enlightenment age world-view give all centrality to supporting the creative entrepreneural energies of the individual, and celebrating individual success. 

I leave this deeply philosophical subject to a detailed scholastic seminar at your parent organization -ORF, wherein I was fortunate to attend a round-table conference recently on 'rural inequality and role of government'.  

I opt to refer to another blog-post of us that deals with the possibility of modern world looking for other options of human-development, based on alternative philosophies from non-Western sources, at link: http://follyofcontrollingtheother.blogspot.in/

It is sad to notice that, eminent men of mind like you and many others have more or less turned expert commentators and opinion leaders on the existing socio-political system and order, wherein mankind's future tend to get stagnated for want of new ideas and new directions for a better-world. When dedicated institutions in the contemporary world with traditional role for guiding mankind towards better-future, like media, universities and human-rights organizations have got degenerated as mere wings and instruments of the establishments themselves, the only HOPE for future is your class of men ! 

Kindly treat this communication in its right-spirit, as attempt of mind-exchange between well concerned human-beings !

warm regards,

Abraham J. Palakudy
www.conscienceofthesociety.com: An independent Philosophy, mind, and polity research ( non-profit) initiative
contact us at : conscienceofthesociety@hotmail.com 



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