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Our communication with.Sitaram Yechuri, regarding the historic role the Left could play in world-affairs

Our e.mail sent to Mr.Sitaram Yechuri in May 2015, regarding historic role the Left could play in world-affairs 

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Ref. Yechuri's article in HT today , ' An event some wish to forget'

To: cpim ( Communist party of India-Marxist) 

Sub: Can the political LEFT sincerely claim non-fascist ?

Dear Sitaram Yechuriji, 

Warm Greetings from ' conscience of the society', the independent philosophy and polity research ( non-profit sector) initiative !

Your article referred above in HT was very informative. You plainly claimed, it was Russia that formally, or at least symbolically liberated the war-torn colonial world from the fascist forces. But the ultimate question is, could Russia, or communism was able to liberate modern world, at least theoretically, from every futuristic fascist tendencies and ideology ? 

Can any open-minded person deny that it is the communist regimes that today fits the bill of 'fascist' than that of any other political system, if fascism is about conservatism and non-receptive to changes ? When they wanted to liberate the world from right-wing conservatism, the method that they had, or what they had adopted and put-into actual practice was only the same conservatism about NOT letting the citizens' class FREE to fend for their-own lives ! For not letting the citizenry go the same,sinful right-wing ways, they adopted more severe steps to curtail the freedom of man ! It is plain history, visible even today as best examples in existing communist regimes.  

A more serious concern was the similar, or worse definition of human-freedom that the other camp gave, and had adopted to run the rest of the world; with the so called 'free-market' ideology. This camp took the free-entrepreneur as the model citizen, and thought, un-interfering in his free-pursuit of happiness and self-prosperity would ensure general freedom in society. The severe entanglement of citizen's freedom today, due to the unplugged growth and prosperity of entrepreneurs in the world, is well exemplified in the slogan of USA's 'occupy'( wall-street, and other places) agitators: 

' modern-world is ruled by 1% elites, while the rest 99% are replica of the old world's  meek 'subjects' ! 

The worst part of the tragedy with human-freedom was the coronation of 'democracy' as the symbol of human-freedom, and the ultimate political system of 'equal-men'. Its most-unfortunate feature was the partnering with the said 1%,  for 'development' of the respective nations ! 

The primeval concepts and myths around the 'establishment', the institution of 'RULING' the class of people and country, has not at all altered in any considerable degree, despite its changing the hands of control from the old, tribal-head cum religious masters to the later day Kings and emperors, then to to warrior-leader and tyrants, to the Feudal-Lords, and now to the hands of peoples' democratic representatives. Can a sharp-sword alter its base properties when it changes hands ? Almost every declared and implicit role of the 'establishment' remain more or less same, irrespective of the 'throne' occupied by different 'class' of rulers ! Institutionalized POWER associated with the throne was the worst feature that always blocked freedom for citizens because, freedom was always antagonistic to power.

The case of modern democracy stands-out as the most self-deceptive of all other models; though in paper it claims as the ultimate political system of people, in reality, it uses its false reputation and halo of freedom to unleash the worst kind of suppression of dissent and criticism in history. In earlier systems, the oppressed had some knowledge as to whose feet he should fall to save his life,honour and property. But in modern democracy, no one clearly knows who his oppressor is ! 

Democracy has become an open but fierce war to take-over the control of the old model of power-regimes, still as powerful as before, coveted,dream-like, and the most appealing pinnacle that every human-being would die to try a hand to grab it !

So, the task of reinventing modern democracy is nothing but reinventing the very meaning and scope of plain human-freedom, a life-altering task. 

Wrong notion of acquiring freedom through sharing power and authority

Throughout human saga, whenever a group or class sought or acquired  freedom from the ones in higher authority, it was by a group or class who themselves badly wanted freedom, in order to be the 'rulers', or the masters in society themselves !

 Freedom was something unthinkable and inconceivable without the seekers of it being at the seats of the ruling class. A system of 'sharing' freedom with others, thus ensuring its equal fruits equally enjoyed by one and all, was never known in any human society, except probably in some isolated tribal groups ! To be free was possible only when things were under one's own control, or one's own group's control.  The most conspicuous negative example was that of the communist regimes. 

The moment they ousted the traditional ruler from his seat, the proletariat class took over the reigns from him, and ruled people and the country the same way that their ousted oppressor had been doing it ! He had no other known and established model of ruling nations and people than the one and only POWER-STATE model. Thomas Hob's old adage about human life and man's nature ( 'short, nasty and brutish') could not yet be replaced with any other healthier and positive image about him. So, the ways and principles of 'ruling' him also couldn't be changed in all these years.

Therefore, whosoever sought or snatched freedom in history, when encountered with the task of ruling people and the country themselves, had always went for the conservative way of their one-time oppressors. 

The way of letting the other be free in every respect,so that he too learn its advantage, and the same way of letting all others free for the general freedom in the society, is a not yet tried and tested way of collective existence. First chance of testing this historic task had landed in the hands of the communists, but the entire world now know how thoroughly they mishandled this opportunity, and stagnated human-progress for centuries !

Americans too attempted it in an unprecedented way, and almost run the country in a true democratic way for about the initial 150 years, before the onslaught of capitalism set-in. (Kindly read about this lost opportunity of USA at link:

Even now, the best contestants to undertake this role lies with the communists, but due their being remaining as fascist as the traditional right-wing, modern world stares at her future with much anxiety and worry, as to who is there to usher real days of pure and uninhibited human freedom and individual dignity for men and women, to lead their lives naturally. 

This highly noble task requires an absence of all institutionalized or professional RULING class; every truly free human-being possess a natural predisposition to recognize and groom the 'sacred-realm of the collective', and manage it in a natural way. The way one has a natural propensity to manage his/her own life, every man  has a natural propensity to mange his collective affairs too naturally, in complete rational agreement with all others to conduct this task. So, the one and only task before human-kind is to have his existing democratic model 'reinvented' in such a way that it results in redefining the very concept of human-freedom afresh.

We appeal you you to share our philosophic blog-post " what true democracy must represent to people', at link:

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warm regards,

Abraham J. Palakudy


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