Thursday, June 9, 2016

Regarding absence of a WORLD-CONSCIENCE;To Noam Chomsky,Amartya Sen&others

From: Abraham Joseph on behalf of <>

Sent: Tuesday, June 7, 2016 6:08 PM

To: Bhanu Pratap Mehta, Noam chomsky; Ashok Malik, Amartya sen

Subject: Is there an international community to voice against indifference of major Nations towards human-freedom and rights violations ?

Dear men of Mind with high reputation in current world, 

Warm Greetings from a sincere freedom- seeker and researcher from India !

Let me come straight to the urgent subject matter of this communication; Saudi-Arabia, we all know that, is a highly-orthodox Islamic nation, where every Friday, criminals and other convicts are beheaded in public, inviting no response at all from any international community. She is a close associate of the most powerful nation in the world, USA ! USA also is the most powerful DEMOCRACY in the world !

Now USA is at the final stage of establishing diplomatic relation with Iran, another Islamic country, with equal history of stark violations of human-rights ! USA's infamous ( old) ties with Pakistan is well known, a country, well known as the 'epicenter' all terrorism in world !

Now, with Modi's India too, USA is believed to be comfortable with. With the ever decreasing grip of Congress in the country, the oldest political party in India, chances of Modi's implementing, at least in undeclared signs, a 'Hindu-Rashtra' in this country, in line with Saudi-Arabia, Afghanistan, or Pakistan where the writs of Islam reign, is somewhat certain ! 

India under Modi is rearing to be known as the singular Hindu-nation in the world! He may not be able to withstand or resist for long, the pressure from the Hindu religious groups in the country, who were instrumental in ensuring his electoral-victory in 2014.

If such a thing happens, their first target would be, NOT Muslims or Christians, but the men of mind like Mr. Mehta and others. The threat is extremely real !

In USA too, even if Mr. Donald Trump does not win, his ever growing support base should frighten every freedom loving man in the world ! Why people are not aware of the threat of these fascist minded leaders ? 

Answer seems quite plain; the men of mind like Noam Chomsky in USA, and P.B.Mehta or Ashok Malik in India, remain to be mostly POLITICAL-ANALYSTS, NOT genuine human-right lovers !

From their regular writings, common man in the world does not get any danger sign. People are totally unaware of the danger of losing their individual-freedom one-day. Modern-Democracy has become a most convenient tool, or vehicle for these dangerous people to be Masters  of world, putting world back into the times like that of Hitler, or any other similar despot in the past.  

There does not exist  an international community of men of mind and freedom, frankly speaking ! There is no international 'CONSCIENCE' today ! This is what emboldens men of Media to pretend to represent that role, but they are increasingly and dangerously being converted as direct-agents of the above described ‘enemies’ of human-freedom.

This is to request you all to be awakened  about your unique responsibility, that no other strata could fill...

Kindly be very specific, direct and plain about what you have to say, so that common people of the world get to know the impeding danger. This is a historic responsibility. Future generations would remember you, and grateful to you for the role you have played....

Especially Noam Chomsky should be clearly aware of the this hidden-anti-freedom stand of modern democratic govts; he describes, how his book and its publisher got vanished from the most FREE country in the world, USA, at link:

You all have a ready-made VOICE, at least in your respective countries, and this is an appeal to use it to vigorously educate people, and our age in general !!!

Every one of you, I hope, is aware that, the unprecedented air of human-freedom arose during Enlightenment and subsequent American Revolution had died out in its spirit and relevance during the later developments such as the rise of Capitalism, and the emergence of Democracy as a meek-hand-maiden of the former, for achieving the so called 'development' of Nations. 

The new players, industry and the neo-polity, both didn't have any direct or indirect UTILITY for human or individual liberty. For both the above agents, a subdued and submissive citizenry worked well than a liberty and dignity seeking class of people. Kindly read more on his pathetic misfortune of modern-world, at our blog-link::
Modern world is engaged in a rather futile attempt to understand the phenomenon of current terror and violence, especially in the Islamic world.
Apologies for making this piece of communication bit long; it was indeed very necessary to convey my agony to you all...

warm regards,

Abraham J. Palakudy 
An independent philosophy and polity seeker and researcher
Twitter: Voice of Philosophy@jopan1

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